MODELS 2019 Accepted Papers

Foundations Track

Technical Papers

Domain-Level Observation and Control for Compiled Executable DSLs

Erwan Bousse and Manuel Wimmer

Verifying and Monitoring UML Models with Observer Automata

Valentin Besnard, Ciprian Teodorov, Frédéric Jouault, Matthias Brun and Philippe Dhaussy

Automated Classification of Metamodel Repositories: A Machine Learning Approach

Phuong Nguyen, Juri Di Rocco, Davide Di Ruscio, Alfonso Pierantonio and Ludovico Iovino

RaM: Requirements-aware Runtime Models for Decision-making using Bayesian Inference

Nelly Bencomo and Luis Garcia-Paucar

A Modelling Language to Support Evolution of Multi-Tenant Cloud Data Architectures

Assylbek Jumagaliyev and Yehia Elkhatib

A Focus+Context Approach to Alleviate Cognitive Challenges of Editing and Debugging UML Models

Parsa Pourali and Joanne M. Atlee

Towards effective mutation testing for ATL

Esther Guerra, Juan De Lara and Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado

Automatic Generation of Atomic Consistency Preserving Search Operators for Search-Based Model Engineering

Alexandru Burdusel, Steffen Zschaler and Stefan John

Goal-Based Modeling and Analysis of Non-Functional Requirements

Byron Devries and Betty Cheng

Querying and annotating model histories with time-aware patterns

Antonio Garcia-Dominguez, Nelly Bencomo, Juan Marcelo Parra-Ullauri and Luis Garcia Paucar

Modeling and Training Neural Processing Systems

Evgeny Kusmenko and Bernhard Rumpe

Secure Data-Flow Compliance Checks between Models and Code based on Automated Mappings

Sven Peldszus, Katja Tuma, Daniel Strüber, Riccardo Scandariato and Jan Jürjens

On-the-fly Translation and Execution of OCL-like Queries on Simulink Models

Beatriz A. Sanchez, Dimitris Kolovos, Richard Paige, Athanasios Zolotas and Horacio Hoyos

New Ideas and Vision

An LSTM-Based Neural Network Architecture for Model Transformations

Loli Burgueño, Jordi Cabot and Sebastien Gerard

Meta-Modelling Meta-Learning

Thomas Hartmann, Assaad Moawad, Cedric Schockaert, Francois Fouquet and Yves Le Traon

Modeling approach and evaluation criteria for adaptive and long-living structural runtime models

Thomas Brand and Holger Giese

Towards WCET Estimation of Graph Queries@Run.time

Márton Búr and Daniel Varro

Towards System-Level Testing with Coverage Guarantees for Autonomous Vehicles

Aren Babikian, Csaba Hajdu, István Majzik, Kristóf Marussy, Zoltan Micskei, Oszkár Semeráth, Zoltán Szatmári, Daniel Varro and András Vörös

Practice & Innovation Track

Bridging the Gap between Requirements Modeling and Behavior-driven Development

Mauricio Alferez, Fabrizio Pastore, Mehrdad Sabetzadeh, Lionel Briand and Jean-Richard Riccardi

Using Models to Enable Compliance Checking against the GDPR: An Experience Report

Damiano Torre, Ghanem Soltana, Mehrdad Sabetzadeh, Lionel C. Briand, Yuri Auffinger and Peter Goes

Guided Architecture Trade Space Exploration: Fusing Model Based Engineering & Design by Shopping

Sam Procter and Lutz Wrage

Exploiting Multi-Level Modelling for Designing and Deploying Gameful Systems

Antonio Bucchiarone, Antonio Cicchetti and Annapaola Marconi

Model-based, Platform-independent Logging for Heterogeneous Targets

Brice Morin and Nicolas Ferry

A Model-based Testing Approach for Cockpit Display Systems of Avionics

Muhammad Zohaib Iqbal, Hassan Sartaj, Muhammad Uzair Khan, Fitash Ul Haq and Ifrah Qaisar

Model Generation – combining MDE development and ROS manual code

Nadia Hammoudeh Garcia, Ludovic Delval, Mathias Lüdtke, André Santos, Björn Kahl and Mirko Bordignon

CONDEnSe: Contract-Based Design Synthesis

Cesar Augusto Ribeiro dos Santos, Amr Hany Saleh, Tom Schrijvers and Mike Nicolai

Model-Based Resource Analysis and Synthesis of Service-Oriented Automotive Software Architectures

Philipp Obergfell, Stefan Kugele and Eric Sax

Pitfalls Analyzer: Quality Control for Model-Driven Data Science Pipelines

Gopi Krishnan Rajbahadur, Gustavo Oliva, Ahmed Hassan and Juergen Dingel

Model-Driven Design of City Spaces via Bidirectional Transformations

Ennio Visconti, Christos Tsigkanos, Zhenjiang Hu and Carlo Ghezzi

Applying MDD in the Content Management System Domain: Scenarios and Empirical Assessment

Dennis Priefer, Peter Kneisel, Wolf Rost, Daniel Strüber and Gabriele Taentzer