Model-driven development with low-code platforms

Model-driven development is a well-established methodology but the modeling world is always in a state of evolution. Last year the trend was agile development. This year, everyone is talking about low-code platforms. The term was coined by Forrester Research, but there doesn’t appear to be much consensus as to what exactly qualifies as a low-code platform. Some might suggest that low-code platforms are simply rebranded modeling or code-generation tools. The perceived similarities may present an opportunity to reach students who are learning low-code concepts at university and introduce them to model-driven development. The goal of MAD@MODELS’19 is to bring together IT professionals and swap ideas and strategies on how to truly accomplish model-driven development in a low-code world. MAD@MODELS is an event that will continue to evolve at future Models conferences. If you have a suggested topic that you would like to cover, please reach out to Viktor Krantz.