What is MPS and how is evolving.

by Vaclav Pech from JetBrains
at 9:00-9:45

JetBrains MPS is an open-source language workbench, primarily for Domain-specific languages. It is based on projectional editor, which makes it a powerful tool for building languages with complex syntaxes, both textual and graphical ones. The absence of parsers enables true language modularization. The detachment of the persistence format from the language notation allows for multiple-notation languages. This talk aims to give you an initial insight into the technology so that you can better assess its capabilities in the context of your business domain.

Let Domain Experts Use their Language!

by Daniel Ratiu from Siemens
at 9:45-10:30

Using appropriate domain-specific modeling languages (DSMLs) increases development efficiency and enables advanced tool support. Repetitive tasks are automated, complex analyses are possible and accidental complexity is minimized. Many times, the audience of DSMLs are domain experts far outside from computer science who have very unique needs. Despite the size of their teams – from several persons to hundreds of members – their work is central to business success. However, they are held captured by general purpose and low semantic tools which make their life unnecessarily complex. They think that building appropriate languages for their needs is something exotic and must be prohibitively expensive. They are of course wrong since MPS makes this possible. In this talk, I will present our experience with engineering and deploying domain-specific modeling languages and tooling inside Siemens. I will underline the core features of MPS which allow us to efficiently engineer DSMLs — e.g. incremental and agile development, modularly extensible stacks of DSLs, test-driven development, distributed development, language evolution and models migration, integration in continuous delivery chains. I will also describe MPS features which allow domain experts to boost their productivity — e.g. adequate notations, editor automation, online consistency checks, generation, support for distributed teams, clean RCP. MPS enables both language engineers and domain experts to boost their working speed, increase quality, improve communication and … have fun!

Coffee break

at 11:00-12:30

Live Coding

by Vaclav Pech from JetBrains
at 11:00-12:30


at 12:30-14:00