Conference Program Overview

Co-located events, Symposiums, Tutorials, Workshops
Sunday Monday Tuesday
W12 – MPM4CPS W20 – CommitMDE W16 – MoDeVVa
W19 – EvalMDE W13 – OCL W15 – FlexMDE
W8 – Vose W11 – HuFaMo W17 – Models@run.time
W7 – MDE4IoT W3 – MDE Intelligence W14 – ModComp
W1 – MASE W18 – MORSE W6/9 – MLE
W10 – M4S/E W4 – MDETools W21 – DevOps@MODELS
T8 – AI-driven Streamlined Modeling W5 – ME T2 – Shadow Models: Incremental Model Transformations as an Enabler for Language Implementations
T10 – A Tutorial on Software Engineering Intelligence: Case Studies on Model-Driven Engineering W2 – MULTI T5 – Model-Driven Software Engineering in Robotics: Models, Tools, Systems, Solutions, Challenges
T3 – MBSE Grid: A Simplified Approach for Modeling Complex Systems T6 – Developing Reactive Systems using Statecharts T9 – Physical Systems for Software Modellers
T4 – The ADOxx Metamodeling Platform: Concept, Architecture and Practice T1 – Applied Integration of Models and Real-Time Systems using the DCP Doc Symposium
T7 – Qualitative Research Methods for MDE EduSymp
Capella Day Automotive Day